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Manufacturing Equipment
    1. Melting Equipment
    2. Melting Equipment

      Our factory is outfitted with 21 internationally known, advanced square row and same level hot top casting aluminum billet production lines. The casting billet has a diameter range of 90-494mm.

    1. Mold Casting Equipment
    2. Mold Casting Equipment

      JMA Company also owns an independent mold design, manufacturing and maintenance workshop. This workshop includes mold design, research and development software, a mold processing center, precise CNC electric discharge machine, electric discharge wire cutting machine, and all related ancillary processing equipment.

    1. Extruding Equipment
    2. Extruding Equipment

      Our facilities are also equipped with 50 different types of extruding machines, including 3 sets of 3,000-9,000t extruding machines, and 47 sets of 600-2350t extruding machines. The maximum profile extrusion width reaches up to 700mm, and we have increased the number of extrusion varieties to more than 30,000.

    1. Anodizing Equipment
    2. Anodizing Equipment

      We have 3 vertical anodizing, coloring, and electrophoretic coating production lines utilizing internationally known technology, as well as 2 horizontal production lines.

    1. Powder Coating Equipment
    2. Powder Coating Equipment

      To ensure a high quality powder coating, we operate 3 horizontal powder coating production lines and 6 vertical powder coating production lines. All of our powder coating production equipment comes from internationally known companies in Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

    1. Fluorocarbon Painting Equipment
    2. Fluorocarbon Painting Equipment

      Our facilities also have 3 horizontal fluorocarbon painting production lines and 1 vertical fluorocarbon painting production line, outfitted with Japanese Ransburg spraying equipment.

    1. Thermal Insulation Equipment
    2. Thermal Insulation Equipment

      We own and operate 8 sets of insert ion insulation profile production lines imported from the Swiss company Muller, as well as 2 complete sets of fill-debridge insulation profile production lines imported from the United States, and 1 wood grain production line ...

    1. Testing Equipment
    2. Testing Equipment

      The testing center is equipped with the world's advanced instruments such as ageing resistance instruments, salt spray test machines, section size measurement systems for complex profile and direct-reading spectrometers.

    1. Packaging and Logistics Equipment
    2. Packaging and Logistics

      To make packaging and delivery easy and quick, we own and operate an automatic packaging line, a strictly organized finished products warehouse, automatic 3D warehouse, a shuttle machine and other packaging and logistics equipment to make packaging and shipment easy.

    1. Automatic Finished Goods Warehouse
    2. Automatic Finished Goods Warehouse

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