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Design Team

Chief engineer Yu Zhilong
Yu Zhilong began working for JMA in 2003. He is the chief engineer and has rich experience in aluminum extrusion manufacturing solutions. For the past 15 years our chief engineer has led the team to develop a number of series of structural framing systems resulting in three invention patents and more than 40 utility model patents.

Introduction to design team
The JMA design team currently has a total of 70 people which is divided into a die design department and product design department. After years of cooperation, the workshop is run seamlessly.

In production, we need to consider the whether the actual needs of customers and our own production process can meet production goals. Not all drawings provided by customers can be realized.

Firstly, we need to change the drawings into engineering designs and then optimize the current program. We will discuss the details with customers such as where products are used, how to use them, how to install them. Then the engineers make a new drawing. In the aspect of after-sales, we will discuss the solutions which have slight flaws.

In 2012, the construction of an airport in China required huge-scale aluminum profiles with a cross-sectional length of 700 mm. At that time, many aluminum profiles manufacturers in China were unable to produce them at one time due to the large cross-sectional length of profiles. They turned to JMA for help. Our designers provided the customers with the solution: dividing 700 mm profiles into two 350 mm profiles and then combine them. The problem was how do we combine them? Finally, we gave the customer a new assembly plan. Under the condition of guaranteeing the same installation length, we modified the section of the aluminum profile to make the two 350 mm aluminum profiles look close to 700 mm after assembly.

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