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Aluminum Profile Manufacturing Line
Die Making Center

The mold making center is equipped with highly advanced facilities for mold design and production, including 15 low speed CNC wire electrical discharge machining machines (CNC WEDM-LS), 18 high speed CNC wire electrical discharge machining machines (CNC WEDM-HS), 6 CNC lathes, 15 CNC machining centers, 2 vacuum furnaces for heat treatment and 37 CNC electrical discharge machining machines and other world-class equipment. Among them, the CNC WEDM-LS machine performs accurate cutting according to the requirements for cross section dimension, so it is ideal for making the precision industrial profiles, large-scale and porous profiles. Supported by state of the art equipment, JMA continues to enhance efficiency and precision to ensure the stable molding rate. With a steady stream of design ideas and good command of processing skills, JMA delivers products as per supplied samples to meet customer requirements.

JMA invited many experienced Chinese and international engineers including several senior mold design engineers from Japan and mold experts from Taiwan. Starting from design, manufacturing, to testing, they are involved in the whole line to produce high precision molds to meet the complex requirements for aluminum extrusion profiles in buildings around the world. The advanced equipment and experienced engineers combine to produce over 30,000 sets of molds each year.

Fusion Casting Production Line

Currently, 16 fusion casting production lines employed to ensure the annual output of aluminum bars reaches over 300,000t. Various aluminum bars are available with different circumferences ranging from φ90mm to φ500mm. JMA is the first to innovatively transform the traditional combustion system to thermal energy storage and regeneration combustion system. With the features of low energy consumption and short combustion cycle which conform to the energy saving policy, this new system greatly lowers the manufacturing cost and improves the efficiency. Simultaneous level hot-top pour casting and homogenization are adopted to achieve well-proportioned distribution for the metal components inside the aluminum bar and improve the quality of the aluminum extruded bar, ensuring higher success rate for the high precision and complex extrusion profile.

Extruding Production Line

There are fifty well-equipped extruding production lines with the weight of the extruding machine ranging from 6000t to 9000t. Equipped with thermostat, air-cooled, water quenching and automatic traction equipment of high performance, each production line could produce varieties of windows and doors extrusion profiles, curtain walls and porous industrial extrusion profiles.

JMA has a massive 9000t large-scale extruding machine that can produce the round aluminum tube with the maximum diameter up to 500mm, square aluminum tube of 700×50mm and all kinds of heavy industrial profiles with the diameter of circumcircle up to 720mm which are used in traffic, electron and machinery. For the windows and doors extrusion profile, curtain wall and industrial extrusion profile, the yearly designed throughput is 300,000t. Among them, complex and high precision industrial extrusion profile is gradually becoming the profile especially for producing precision alloy element in high-tech industry, which makes JMA more competitive in this market.

Anodizing Production Line

JMA has five automatic horizontally and vertically anodizing production lines with a total capacity up to 90,000t yearly. Three of them are advanced production lines for vertically anodizing and electrophoresis which are completely designed, manufactured and installed in Japan. With the advanced electrolytic coloring technology and famous HONNYLITE electrophoretic paint, the three production lines are capable of anodizing profiles as per Japanese standard JIS-8602 under computer control.

Electrophoresis composite coating features high hardness, abrasive resistance and 10-year weatherability shows smooth, flat and bright as well as covers 7.5 meters aluminum profiles. The weather resistance can hold up about 10 years. JMA innovatively develop aluminum profiles in ivory and extinction electrophoresis profiles, leading to the elegant trend of aluminum extrusion profiles.

PVDF Coating Production Line

Four whole sets of PVDF coating production lines are imported from Japan Ransburg. One of them is vertical type and the other three are horizontal. The yearly output is more than 30,000T. After the PVDF coating, the product shows uniform and bright color, could resist all kinds of weather erosion and never accumulate dirt. In addition, the product with PDVF coating is resistant to UA and UB ultraviolet rays. At present it is the best line to make products aluminum extrusion profiles with the best surface processing.

Powder Coating Production Line

JMA possesses nine color powder coating production lines to ensure a yearly throughput up to 10,000T. Six vertical lines are imported from Italy Trevisan while the other three horizontal lines are from Switzerland Gema. These lines could be applied in surface treatments such as wood grain varnish, powder coating and window seal. The powder spraying could coat 7.5m at most. On the basis of the European quality standard, the superior AkzoNobel powder is adopted to make the bright, clean colorful product with good adhesion, resistance to acid rain and alkali.

Thermal Break Production Line

We imported this complete set of rolling equipment from Switzerland. In addition, eight production lines from German Taylor Wind are used to place the thermal barrier strip which is made of nylon 6.6. The other two lines are for producing the insulating aluminum profiles of glue injecting type.

With the features of high mechanical strength, good insulation to heat and sound and the superior resistance to chemical corrosion, the aluminum profiles with thermal break section are completely in conformity with the requirements of heating supply coefficient of constructing the building facade. Therefore, they are high performance, high grade and eco green energy products among the doors, windows and curtain walls in the world.

Further Processing Production Line

The further processing production line is equipped with all kinds of advanced equipment for manufacturing aluminum windows and doors and further processing aluminum extrusion profiles. A number of automatic CNC processing centers and CNC machine tools are applied in many processing operations like sawing, drilling and punching, milling and assembly. According to customer requirement and projects need, JMA is also capable of providing various new kinds of further-processed aluminum windows and doors and aluminum extrusion profiles.